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Founded in 1987, Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. is a nationally recognized high-stakes communications firm. We are typically brought in during times of intense scrutiny, risk or competition. We are known chiefly for our crisis-management prowess, but offer a wide-range of strategic, issues management, public affairs and training services. While we are most often engaged to address an urgent situation, clients also turn to us to restore reputation or market share. We are trouble-shooters and problem-solvers. And our opportunities to contribute to organizational success are wide-ranging.

Today, our firm handles a diverse set of clients, ranging from issue coalitions and multi-national corporations, to entertainment figures and other prominent individuals. Over the years we have also advised numerous non-profit organizations, including colleges and universities, health voluntary organizations, research institutions and philanthropic groups. We have provided public relations services on a pro bono basis to charities, foundations, and other worthy causes.

The firm's principal is Eric Dezenhall. Our professional staff includes former reporters and producers, congressional press secretaries, White House and federal agency aides, political campaign managers, as well as trade association and corporate communicators. Based in Washington, DC, we have affiliates in Sacramento, Los Angeles, London, and Brussels.

Discretion At All Times

We believe strongly that the counselor-client relationship, especially on sensitive issues, must be grounded in trust and uncompromised confidentiality. Therefore, unlike conventional PR firms and even other so-called crisis management agencies, we never have and never will disclose our client list, announce our new business wins, or publicly discuss client case histories. On rare occasions, we serve as a public spokesperson for a client and fully disclose it. When approaching the news media or others on behalf of a client, we make clear who we represent. However, in a world that embraces incessant self-promotion, we steadfastly believe our clients' interests should come before ours and that discretion in all matters is paramount.

About the Firm
Eric Dezenhall